Linguistics students at NC State represent various departments and engage in cutting-edge research. 

Current Masters Students

Our Masters programs in the English and Spanish programs emphasize cutting-edge sociolinguistic research as well as public outreach. Through collaboration and mentorship with faculty, Masters students frequently present research developed in class to national and international conferences (Learn more about Student Conference Travel). See below for our current Masters students. 

M.A. English 

  • Ayomide Adeyeye
  • Taibat Akinsanya
  • Stephen Black
  • Bailey Brown
  • Rebecca Cantor
  • Spencer Daum
  • Kat Fox
  • Haley Kinsler
  • Griffin Lowry
  • Jeannene Matthews
  • Rashed Mobarki
  • R. Tapia
  • Asha Thurman

M.A. Spanish

Hispanic Linguistics at NC State

Current Doctoral Students

Our doctoral students have represented our partnerships with Ph.D. programs at NC State as well as around the triangle at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University. Our current doctoral students currently comprise students from our Sociolinguistics Concentration in the Sociology Ph.D. program.

  • Darien Dixon, Sociolinguistics
  • Joshua Hummel, Sociolinguistics
  • Razia Husain, Sociolinguistics
  • Aston Patrick, Sociolinguistics
  • Daulton Selke, Sociolinguistics


Alumni from the MA English program, as well as partner programs at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University, have gone on to tenure-track faculty positions as well as positions in industry. See below for a list of some of our most recent Ph.D. Graduates and M.A. Graduates.

NCSU Linguistics Alumni, pictured in 2015

Ph.D. Graduates

Jon Forrest, 2018 (NCSU, Sociolinguistics)
Assistant Professor, University of Georgia 
Dissertation: A Firm-Specific Analysis of Southern US English and Workplace Processes [Download here]

Caroline Myrick, 2018 (NCSU, Sociolinguistics)
Elections Data Analyst, North Carolina State Board of Elections 
Dissertation: Language and Gender Ideologies in Higher Education: AnExamination of Faculty Discourses [Download here]

Mary Kohn, 2013 (UNC Chapel Hill, English)
Associate Professor, Kansas State University
Dissertation: Adolescent Ethnolinguistic Stability and Change: A Longitudinal Study [Download here]

Erin Callahan, 2013 (Duke, English)
Associate Professor, Western Carolina University
Dissertation: Emerging Hispanic English in the Southeast US: Grammatical Variation in a Triethnic Community [Download here]

Phillip Carter, 2009 (Duke, English)
Associate Professor, Florida International University
Dissertation: Speaking Subjects: Language, Subject Formation, and the Crisis of Identity [Download here]

Jeannine Carpenter, 2009 (Duke, English)
Dissertation: Voices of Jim Crow: Early Urban African American English in the Segregated South [Download here]

Tyler Kendall, 2009 (Duke, English)
Program Officer, National Science Foundation
Dissertation: Speech Rate, Pause, and Linguistic Variation: An Examination Through the Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project [Download here]

Christine Mallinson, 2006 (NCSU, Sociology)
Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dissertation: The Dynamic Construction of Race, Class, and Gender through Linguistic Practice among Women in a Black Appalachian Community [Download here]

Jeffrey Reaser, 2006 (Duke, English)
Professor, NC State University Linguistics Program
Dissertation: The effect of dialect awareness on adolescent knowledge and attitudes [Find it here]

Ben Torbert, 2004 (Duke, English)
Associate Professor, University of Missouri, Saint Louis
Dissertation: Southern Vowels and the Social Construction of Salience

M.A. English Graduates


Lynsey Akin

Althea Davis

Kaela Fong

Ian Holmes Graduate student, PhD in Computer Science, NC State University

Kees Koopman

Sean Lundergan Graduate student, Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of New Mexico

Claudia Rodriguez


Sydney Caudill Technical Writer, Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure

Natasha Derezinksi-Choo Health Consultant, Beghou Consulting

Broderick McCurdy Associate Researcher, Voices of Chatham County

Kaylie Neese Speech Analyst, Spectrum Enterprise

Mia Shang Linguist/Consultant, Gap International

Masoud Sheikhbahaie Farsi Instructor, U.S. Army


Gina Beer  Graduate Student, Masters in Public Health, UNC-Chapel Hill

Amelia Han Legal Assistant

Emily Peebles English Instructor, France

AJ Torres Spanish/English Interpreter, Florida


Peter Andrews  Pre-Medicine at Ohio University

Adam Barnhardt Ph.D student in Linguistics at Michigan State University

Matt Champagne Lecturer at Kansas State University

Marissa Morgan Ph.D student in Linguistics at the University of California- Santa Cruz

Leah Nodar Ph.D student in Linguistics at Purdue University

José Alvarez-Retamales Ph.D student in Linguistics at New York University


Marie Bissell
Zack Dukic
Shalina Omar
Alison Smith


Katie Conner
Jessica Hatcher
Lars Naborn
Frankie Pennington
Hannah Smith
Cecilia Tomasetti
KellyNoel Waldorf


Ari Janoff
Karen Eisenhauer
Kelsey Campolong
Rachel Russell
Yuqiu Liu
Sonya Trawick


Amy Hemmeter 
Amanda Eads 
Cadwell Turnbull
Brooke Wallig
Eric Wilbanks 
Karissa Wojcik 
MK Hedrick 
Sean Minty 


Lacey Arnold 
Angela Tramontelli 
Kellam Barta 
Julie Schurr 


Erin Adamson 
Jaclyn Daugherty 
Martha Summerlin 
Jahurul Islam 
Shivonne Gates 
Megan Risdal 
Meghan Deanna Cooper 
Samina Samina
May Chung 
Jon Inscoe 


Joel Schneier  
Caroline Myrick 
Michael J. Fox 
Liang Zhang 
Jon Forrest 


Hayley Heaton 
Melanie Camurati
Channing Johnson 
Katherine McDonald
Heather Wright 


Kelly Abrams 
Elizabeth Daw 
David Ethier 
Charlie Farrington 
Nicolette Filson 
Darya Kostina 
Jason McLarty 
Betsy Newman
Mario Piergallini 


Tim Castor
Paula Dickerson
Michelle Hewitt
Anna Morgan
Jeremy Needle
Hannah Pick
Tom Wilkinson


Hannah Askin
Alexis Smith
Janneke Van Hofwegen
Ashley Wise


Erin Callahan
Danica Cullinan
Stephany Dunstan
Mary Kohn
Leah White