Figments of Ocracoke

Hear the voice of an O’cocker: an audio and visual companion to Figments of Ocracoke.

Listen to Chester Lynn talk about history and stories from life on Ocracoke.

Chester's Intro

Listen to Chester introducing himself.

Seafood on Ocracoke

Hear more about eating seafood on Ocracoke and the changing times

Fresh Fish and Clams

Chester tells about serving fresh fish and clams at the Island Inn

The Little Dog on Fig Tree Lane

Listen to Chester tell the story of the little dog on Fig Tree Lane

A Pig Visits the Lighthouse

Hear more about Chester’s role as lighthouse historian, the story of the pig visiting the lighthouse, and Chester’s pet rooster

Mommucked to Death

Learn about the Ocracoke phrase “mommucked to death” and the Ocracoke Brogue

The Island Inn During Hurricanes

Listen to Chester tell about the Island Inn carrying seafood to people during hurricanes

Walking to Portsmouth

Hear about people walking to Portsmouth when the water froze over

Making Houses out of Ships

Learn how people used to make houses out of ships

What's a Pizer?

Hear about the Ocracoke term pizer

The Wedding Chain

Chester explains more about the wedding chain

Fertilizing Fig Trees

Chester gives tips on fertilizing fig trees

An Ocracoke Recipe

Hear about an original Ocracoke recipe for blackberry dumplings with meringue

Chester's Prime Rib

Learn the secret of Chester’s special prime rib recipe

Ocracoke Figs Go to the White House

Hear about which figs went to the White House

Chester on the News

WRAL's Scott Mason interviews Chester Lynn about Ocracoke's figs (June 27, 2016)